The widescale move towards a new model for work continues to develop. People increasingly want a portfolio career or to be running their own business.

Large, corporate employers are struggling to compete with start-ups in the “war for talent”, claims research just published.  A study of more than 1,000 people working in companies with over 500 employees, by startup job site Tyba, found that 86% want to leave their jobs, with almost two-thirds saying that working in a start-up would be ‘their dream job’.

Factors including ‘team morale’, ‘creative and dynamic environment’, ‘a sense of purpose’ and ‘the chance to progress your career as the company grows’ were cited as the main benefits of working for a start-up business.

And why wouldn’t you!



I have always liked to have at least one unpaid job in my portfolio career – sometimes more than one. My latest one for the past 12 months has been one of the most fulfilling pieces of unpaid work that I have ever had the fortune to participate in. I was invited to become a trustee/director of Disability Sport Yorkshire as they wanted someone who might be useful to them with a background of fund raising. Not only am I now a member of a board that is a delight to meet with (how many of us can say that!) but in addition I get an opportunity to watch events that some times it is truly difficult to watch with dry eyes. Seeing a wide range of young people throwing themselves into a huge array of sporting activities including some I had never heard of – boccia, blind cricket (!), table cricket, etc.

In addition toIMG_0772 the 5,000 plus disabled athletes who participate around the region there is the army of 500+ volunteers including many who themselves are disabled.

We have 3 wonderful ambassadors – all paralympic medalists – Hannah Cockcroft (wheel chair racing), Danielle Brown ( archery) and Elizabeth Wright (swimming) all of whom contribute to what we do and in particular at our brilliant annual awards dinner.

The video that starts this post was created by Ben Duke the young son of Vivienne, one of my fellow trustees, to capture the wonderful moments of the elation of achievement for many youngsters who will have thought that there was little they could achieve with the handicaps that they have.


More and more people are starting their own businesses

7 December 2014

Not every portfolio worker is an entrepreneur but many are. As such some of the latest findings on entrepreneurship in the UK are fascinating. According to new data from information services firm Experian, more first-time entrepreneurs are starting businesses than ever before, and these debut directors tend to come from less affluent backgrounds than the [...]

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27 November 2014

If this makes you grimace then maybe you should think again. I get increasingly bombarded from the 2 universities from which I gained degrees for attending events, giving money, meet ups, etc. Except that as portfolio workers most of us have to network in ways that we probably did not think necessary when we had [...]

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Portfolio workers working from home

23 October 2014

There are more and more people setting up businesses from home as this excellent research report from Enterprise Nation shows. A big plus is that the G’ment are actively encouraging this and ensuring that people can do this without having to pay business rates, seek planning permission and giving guidelines for a model tenancy agreement [...]

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81% of entrepreneurs said they are happier now in self employment than when they were employed

6 October 2014

… is the conclusion of a new report from Barclay’s Bank. You don’t need to read the whole report. Instead look at my good friend Steve Preston’s summary of it along with his insights as to what it takes to become successfully self employed.

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Portfolio careers continues to become the new ‘norm’

29 July 2014

We have posted a lot over the past year in particular with data that clearly shows the increasing popularity of portfolio careers, self employment, freelancing and flexible working. The latest study is from PcW.  Only around one in seven workers wants to work in a ‘traditional’ nine-to-five office environment in the future, according to their [...]

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10 July 2014

Yes – this is an issue that I hear about a lot. You would think that with a portfolio lifestyle that keeping fit and good nutrition would be easy to achieve! Quite! The fact is that we are often  so busy juggling our portfolio roles around that is exactly what we fail to do. I [...]

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Are you lonely working from home?

28 June 2014

One of the joys of shopping in Waitrose – and there are many, especially if like me you are now also a carer – is that you can sit with your free coffee and read their free mags and their Waitrose Weekend paper. And low and behold a great article in it today by Amira [...]

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Willl portfolio careers be the norm?

28 June 2014

Fascinating statistic from a report from Right Management earlier this year: nearly 80% of HR directors said they expect the majority of their employees to have portfolio careers within the next five years. So members of this group were just ahead of your time!  But as Katie and I keep saying it is not the [...]

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