This will be part of the title of my new book which moves us on from portfolio careers. There is an excellent article in todays Evening Standard by Hannah Flint in which she discusses the massive growth of portfolio careers, side hussles, etc. I was taken by a quote she uses:

“But why are so many of us giving up our evenings, weekends and every spare moment for work, work and more work? ‘Our careers have evolved to be portfolios and people are looking for authenticity, purpose and meaning in their lives,’ says Mayall Fine. A bit on the side, she says, ‘can be a really nice way to do that’, whether through working on something you’re passionate about or learning new life skills. “

Our new book will be called “Be The Architect of Your Own Future : A Recipe for Portfolio Living”. We are hoping to have a publisher shortly. So doing the rounds at the moment. And Yes – I still have a portfolio career – but now wish to reposition the concept into one that helps people to find meaning and purpose in their lives through a mixture of their life roles which of course could also include paid or unpaid work. But maybe not….


I have been writing quite a lot over the past year about health service professionals who are being attracted more and more by the idea of portfolio careers. This has now been highlighted by a report this week

which focuses on an NHS commitment to make general practice a ‘more attractive’ place to work by promoting portfolio careers, as part of its interim workforce plan. The plan has also pledged to roll out a voluntary two-year Primary Care Fellowship programme for newly qualified GPs and nurses entering general practice by March 2020.

The report said: ‘The full People Plan will set out a broader strategy for a sustainable general practice workforce and how we will meet the commitment to an additional 5,000 doctors working in general practice through both recruitment and retention programmes.’

The full people’s plan is set to come out following the next spending review in autumn/winter when the Government will confirm how much investment is available for education and training.

The plan has faced multiple delays and leaks since it was due to be published in April.

NHS Improvement chair Dido Harding, who authored the interim plan, said: ‘This plan clearly acknowledges the workforce challenges the service faces. I want frontline NHS staff to know that we have heard their concerns about the pressures they face and we are determined to address them.

‘The NHS needs more staff to meet the ambitions for patients set out in the NHS long-term plan. But that, on its own, is not enough. We need to change the way people work in the NHS to recognise the changing needs of patients and to create a modern, caring and exciting workplace that should be the best place to work in England. This will take time but this interim plan sets out a clear direction of travel and commits to the immediate actions available to us.’

So expect to see far more evidence of health workers embarking on portfolio careers.


And now – portfolio careers for nurses!

14 May 2019

I have previously discussed the attractiveness of portfolio careers for doctors, pharmacists and also nurses. This week there is yet another call for nurses to seriously consider portfolio careers. Gemma Mitchell in an article for the Nursing Times on a survey which showed the key issues for nurses. “If we are to attract more people […]

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More ‘Slashies|

10 May 2019

I am beginning to think that I am fighting as a one person band here in attempting to denigrate this awful American alternative to portfolio careers. And ‘no’ – it is not just because our book headlines ‘portfolio careers’. Honestly! I have been asked to write articles for a no of US sites and I […]

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How can we stop this outbreak of ‘slashing’!

25 April 2019

After my recent diatribe about the US term for portfolio careers – slashing – taking over from our perfectly understandable term for it – portfolio careers – could not believe it when once again this morning there is another piece arguing for slashing as if it has only just been invented! This time can you […]

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BBC ‘discovers portfolio careers’!

24 April 2019

The money programme has just had a piece on portfolio careers. One of the fascinating facts for me was the latest research they had on the uptake of portfolio careers. More than 320,500 self-employed people in Britain are working two or more jobs, new analysis suggests. A study by the Association of Independent Professionals and […]

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Why you need to embrace a portfolio career

25 February 2019

This was the title of a guest blog in HR News by Ben Chatfield CEO and CO-founder at Tempo. He points out that in past generations, when stability and long-term career planning was the priority, it was typical to stay with the same employers for life. By 2020 Millennials will comprise over 50% of the […]

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Side Hussles are Muscling in!

26 November 2018

In July I posted  about this new phase that I was coming across called ‘side hussle’ which some people, including Henley Business School, were using almost as an alternative to the term ‘portfolio career’. From my internet researches it appears that the term is largely used to refer to a second job that not only […]

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Even builders are starting to explore portfolio careers!

21 September 2018

I was fascinated in coming across an article by Chloë McCulloch in Building in which she tells us  that the people joining construction today are going to have to adapt like no generation before.They could well have to work into their 80s while knowing that many of the jobs of the future haven’t been thought […]

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How do you develop a portfolio career?

5 September 2018

Obviously by reading our book! However, a good friend of mine – Rachel Brushfield – is putting on a series of workshops and seminars around this topic. I would recommend these. Career support for you for an uncertain world  

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