Yes – this is an issue that I hear about a lot. You would think that with a portfolio lifestyle that keeping fit and good nutrition would be easy to achieve! Quite! The fact is that we are often  so busy juggling our portfolio roles around that is exactly what we fail to do. I had intended going for a run now but here I  am blogging.

So anything that will help that fits into my normal life will be considered. I’m sure you have all read about the pluses of standing up at your computer and having stand up meetings. Easier said than done. So I was intrigued to see this new device in the US that fits onto the back of your chair thereby of course making it impossible to sit in it. Personally I wouldn’t pay $199 for it but of course you could make this yourself out of wood or even strong cardboard.

So there’s a challenge for you….

And now I am off on my run. I am doing a series of runs for the Stroke Association and have 2 in the next 2 weeks. My wife had a major stroke over 3 years ago and still cannot talk much although has regained much mobility. If you feel like contributing to the cause have a look at


One of the joys of shopping in Waitrose – and there are many, especially if like me you are now also a carer – is that you can sit with your free coffee and read their free mags and their Waitrose Weekend paper. And low and behold a great article in it today by Amira Hashish, the digital features editor and Homes and Property columnist for the London Evening Standard. I bet she has a portfolio career! In this she gives some great examples of Clubs that have been set up for people to go to for hot desking, fast broadband, someone to hang out with, etc. You know, the best parts about working in an organisation but without the hassles and politics that normally accompany this.

It struck me that setting up one of these would be a great role for a portfolio worker. She mentions clubs in London – of course – but also in Exeter and Brighton – and I bet there are  many others. If you know of one in your area please let us and thereby all our readers know. We do get 2,000 people plus visiting this site each month.


Willl portfolio careers be the norm?

28 June 2014

Fascinating statistic from a report from Right Management earlier this year: nearly 80% of HR directors said they expect the majority of their employees to have portfolio careers within the next five years. So members of this group were just ahead of your time!  But as Katie and I keep saying it is not the [...]

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More and more people want to be self employed

4 June 2014

  I did an entry on this phenomenon in April based on new stats from the ONS. So lo and behold we now have a new report from the RSA (of which I am a Fellow) called Salvation in a Start Up. This is well worth reading. Today there are 600,000 more microbusinesses in existence [...]

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Are portfolio careers the natural habitat for the Gen Y population?

29 May 2014

In our book we were quoting data even 5 years ago which suggested that our chosen career pattern would appear to be very attractive to Gen Y’s.  More data is accumulating that suggests that this connection is growing. A new global report  released by  London Business School , in partnership with Deloitte, showed that high [...]

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Portfolio careers can be longlasting

24 May 2014

One of the joys of a portfolio career for me has always been that from time to time aspects of your past life or indeed a constituent of your previous portfolio career re-emerges. I was approached by  Unionlearn ( ) recently. They host a great programme for 30,000 Union Learning Reps, all volunteers with demanding [...]

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Massive increase in self employment

9 April 2014

An increase in the number of self-employed people is behind recent falls in official unemployment figures as opposed to the creation of new jobs. Quarterly labour market data, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), revealed there were just 0.2 per cent more ‘employed’ people during the last quarter. This compares to a rise [...]

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“Portfolio Careers: Unveiling the Latest Trend”

3 March 2014

  I have been interviewed for Forbes Magazine (online) and for the Huffington Post in the USA in the past month and clearly the phrase Portfolio Careers now appears to be the primary description there of the phenomenon that we know and cherish here.  So I was interested in taking up Sarah Brooks’s offer to [...]

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The changing nature of work

25 February 2014

I seem to be spending more and more time reading and talking to people about the changing nature of work. The fact that we are portfolio workers is just one example of the biggest societal change in how work is viewed since the industrial revolution. I think it’s worth investing 9 minutes to look at [...]

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What I miss most with a portfolio career

19 February 2014

This is a question I am asked regularly. My answers vary according to my mood and time of the  year! One that I consistently use is the simple fact that I miss the ongoing contact with a ‘team’ of fellow workers. I can manage to recreate much of the social contact but I miss the [...]

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