Why is Portfolio Working more popular now?

by Katie Ledger on April 29, 2008 · 0 comments

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I was not being myself – it was like being a puppet”

“Any ONE job can only satisfy part of what I look for in my work”

” I need to have the flexibility to change – freedom to drop stuff and start something else”

Just a small selection of comments from portfolio workers I have been interviewing for the book. Economic security no longer exists unless you create it. Having multiple income streams can be a way of ensuring financial security. Many people in full time jobs do not realise that there is price to pay for so – called job permanence and that price is dependency.

With the large increase in flexible working it is increasingly possible to do many kinds of work in the same workweek or even workday. Most people want to do work that they love and feel passionate about but sometimes despair that they will ever find it from one job or career.

In a portfolio career, an individual has a portfolio of skills which is sold to a portfolio of clients. A financial portfolio handles risk by having various stocks with differing risks. The career portfolio minimizes risks by having skill sets so that if one skill is not in demand, another might be. Risk is also minimized because you are often dealing with several clients. If the relationship with one client ends, the cost is not extreme. The dependence on one employer is eliminated.

People are living and working longer which give us all more opportunity to create the paid Workstyle that is right for us. As we age we demand different things from our work and a single employer often cannot provide us with the flexibility that we demand.

Employers less and less provide the psychological contract for their employees that offer lifetime employment for lifetime security. Instead, they want people for specific projects and jobs and as the business changes and develops then they want people with different skills and talents. Part-time workers are often more attractive to employers, especially smaller ones, as they offer more flexibility.

Have a word with yourself. What would you offer in your perfect portfolio?

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