a product in search of a label….

by Katie Ledger on June 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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Quote from The Telegraph 

“Unlike his socks, (he runs a sock subscription service) Oli Barrett is quite clearly a product in search of a label. The curriculum vitae he offers is interesting enough, but it reads like his own half of a conversation rather than the kind of professional map reference that a headhunter would use to place a candidate in the modern job market. There is no single job title as lead descriptor for a start, rather a list of achievements. This is followed by background information that shows interests ranging across public and private sectors.”

Exactly. That’s the point. Oli is playing to his strengths and listing his achievements – that is things he enjoys, things he did well and things he is proud of. He has a portfolio career so he can utilise all his talents and skills – where would he find all this in just a single job title?

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