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Tom Peters on the importance of getting you and your message across quickly….

CNN wire, afternoon, June 4: “He was an obscure state lawmaker. But after a 17-minute star-making turn as a keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and a scant two years in the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama is on the verge of becoming his party’s presidential nominee.”

You can love or loathe Senator Obama, but you presumably will acknowledge the accuracy of the remark above!

Seventeen minutes!
Seventeen minutes!
Seventeen minutes!
Seventeen minutes!

Fact, in “our” more modest worlds: Poor or average or even “okay” presentation skills trip up or hold back an incredible number of very talented people at all levels, including the highest in big orgs—and yet it is rare to see someone launch a martial-arts-training-like, no-bull, I’m-gonna-master-this-or-die-trying offensive on presentation skill improvement.

A few interesting facts I’d like to add to Tom’s words: 

Fact 1: great presenters don’t start great – they do/refine/repeat

Fact 2: great presenters get results

Fact 3: portfolio careerists who want to get results – need to be able to present. ( doesn’t have to be 17mins – just start on the 17 secs pitch first)


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