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by Katie Ledger on June 29, 2008 · 3 comments

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One of the American Universities teaches a course on finding your strengths and after just a day of exploring achievements, identifying strengths and vocalising them, sends participants out onto Campus “to find a job”. They are asked to approach people they have never met and say something like,

“ I appreciate that you may not have a job to offer me right now but can I take a couple of minutes to tell you about my strengths and you may know of a person or business who could use someone like me”.

It is amazing what kind of feedback people get…..We generally like to help others if at all possible.

Everyone has their own unique network of contacts and friends they can call on especially if it is a “win- win” situation. This technique is so simple yet not many people think to use it. Is it laziness? Not thinking? Fear of rejection? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

   “Many individuals would rather not know what is strong about them, the strengths that point to growth and reveal potential. A greater degree of responsibility is required to take hold of success rather than to stay in the safe area of complacency and complaint”.  Bernard Haldane

Another client recently told me he started his technology career in the city by creating a CV of achievements and went round in person to all the companies he wanted to work for. He asked to see either the HR director or CTO to personally hand it in. Most of the time he was told to send it in but he said he didn’t have the funds to send it in so many copies (before widespread access to email) so was delivering by foot. After several weeks and 35 companies later, he had 9 job offers to choose from. Luck? Ummm. I don’t think so. Reminds me of the professional golfer Gary Player when he said, “the harder I work – the luckier I get”.

Talk to people, especially ones you don’t know. If you’re not sure what specific job you want to do, they may be able to look at your achievements and see possibilities that you don’t. They may suggest work arenas that you hadn’t even thought of. Part of my portfolio is now creating and designing business presentation slides. I work with professional designers and great design has become part of my business offering. If someone had told me I would be doing this a couple of years ago – i’m not sure I would have believed them. I even thought for a long time that I wasn’t creative. How many self limiting beliefs do you have? Have you actually tried to do something you might well enjoy but think you are no good at?


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1 Alex313 July 1, 2008 at 4:08 pm

Hello Katie.

I just quit my job cause i feel like i cant focus on one career for the rest of my life. I love doing many things and i am interested in various activities. I am currently on the job search and i must admit, the portfolio career philosophy that you have analyzed, looks very interesting. However i would like to ask you, if a portfolio career can be an option for me in the long -term. It may be something i can do now that i am 29 ,but what will happen later ? Will i have those options when i will be older, or do i worry too much anyway ? ( lol)

2 Richard Jennings July 2, 2008 at 6:44 am just released their Top 10 List of the best employment sites:

If you’re looking for a job, I’d start there

3 Katie Ledger July 3, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Alex, I think it is a viable workstyle whatever your age. More important is whether you are suited. It can be a bit frustrating to start with but if you can deal with uncertainty and are reasonably flexible it has many benefits. You are essentially your own boss – you just choose to work for different people and companies. It may be good to start with just 2 job areas and build from there. I currently do 3 or 4 different jobs but have the theme of communication running through it. It just means its easier to move into related but different areas. Remember its not just doing “a job”. you will be starting to create a job mix that only you can do and people will recognise and be willing to pay for that. Hope that helps. Katie

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