Who Am I Going to be Today?

by Barrie Hopson on August 9, 2008 · 0 comments

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When someone with a single track career gets up in the morning often their choices are straightforward: what do I wear, am I going by car, bus or bike, what’s the time? If you have a portfolio career then it’s often more complex: am I working at home or not today, who am I working for today, which business card or cards do I take with me, what networking opportunities might there be for me today, am I earning money today or just speculating, am I power dressing or being casual; in my case do I shave or not (this is Barrie writing by the way)? The situation is even more complex than this as some psychologists argue, and we discuss this in our new book, that we all have multiple selves and even if we are not particularly conscious about this we will be making choices as to who we are going to be today. Watch this space as Katie and I are developing an exercise to help you to answer this question and we will post it soon. If you remember the Mr. Benn stories you will relate to this.

You will note a new photo of me. There is an interesting story behind this – and not just egotism – at my age one is usually happier to have no photo at all! But that story will be in my next post.

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