How will you present yourself to the world?

by Barrie Hopson on August 10, 2008 · 0 comments

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We will be discussing some very erudite issues on this site over the next few months with illuminating theory, dazzling insights, demanding but fun exercises and profound common sense all in the name of portfolio careers. However, it is easy to forget or forgo the mundane. When Katie invited me to join this site and indeed when we were putting our synopsis together for our book she was somewhat surprised that I did not have a recent ‘professional photo’ that accurately reflected my current loveliness. I explained that I had got away with this for the past 15 years but as she insisted on placing her very professional and gorgeous photo on this blog and into our synopsis I knew that my days of photographic limbo were numbered. Do have a look at her photo. How can I compete with that with my poor digital efforts? This is a dilemma for many portfolio careerists. Business cards are straightforward but sometimes you will need photos for flyers, etc.

So I contacted some professional photographers I had used for my businesses over the years. I was quoted £145 which Katie thought was quite reasonable – but then she doesn’t live in Yorkshire. I then discovered this wonderful website You get some digital piccies of yourself, upload them and you get an estimate of what it will cost to have your blemishes, wrinkles and jowls removed, a tan added and possibly additional hair too. All for £2-£12. Seemed like a bargain to me. So I persuaded my wife to take some snaps of me with her one remaining arm (the other is broken – not by me I hasten to add) and then decide which to send. Low and behold, the one that you see on the previous blog is the one I chose and it came out so well that I did not send it off to be touched up. What you see is me au naturelle. And this cost me nothing. But for those of you who do need airbrushing this site looks really good. Who knows they might even ask if they can use you as a before and after example.

Katie’s final tactic to force me into action was to send off our synopsis to a publisher with the photo of me that you now see which shows me at the age of 3 in my first convertible. As it happened the lady found it quite charming but even I felt that I was on borrowed time with this approach. So for your portfolio careers get yourself some cheap but beautiful piccies. You now have seen 3 photos of me and I promise you will see no more. Which one would you have gone for – or do you think I really should have gone professional?

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