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by Katie Ledger on August 31, 2008 · 0 comments

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You may not be able to “have it all” but you can have a lot. So says India Knight in the Sunday Times. She was reacting to Fiona Phillips’ decision to quit GMTV ( not really the best example of this as I’m sure she will easily pick up another TV job with more compassionate hours) She says:

“What I hope Phillips and the thousands of other women in her position trying to balance work and family life realise is that while you can’t have it all, you can certainly make a good fist of having quite a lot………..There’s no need to throw the whole question of work overboard – maybe you can scale back a bit or change jobs…..The trick is to find – or invent – a balance, to make it work for you and to be unapologetic about it”.

   I like the word INVENT here. And this is why I believe portfolio working is the way forward. Not just so that mothers and fathers can spend time with their children and ageing parents – that’s important – but it’s also is a great opportunity to REINVENT ourselves. To do what we always wanted to do. To do work that makes us want to get up in the morning. To do work where time stands still. To do work that helps other people in some way. To realise we have lots of selves that need satisfying. And it probably isn’t going to be found with just one employer doing one job at one particular time. We live in interesting times…


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