"Two-faced career"

by Katie Ledger on October 13, 2008 · 0 comments

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Have been thinking about book titles lately and came across this description of a portfolio career – Two faced career. Like it ? I’m really not sure cos it hints at just having 2 jobs or areas in which we like to work. Two faced also can have a negative connotation. But having said that – I like the thoughts of Dr. T. Behrens. He says,

So, a portfolio career (Two-Faced Career) would enable us to learn or train within a new/different area on a part-time basis– while we happily labored away in our day jobs. The hope is, that eventually, the part-time venture that is new/different will grow over time as you strengthen your skills and develop a professional network in that area. Thus, this newly acquired skill could become your ‘safety-net’ should something ever happen to your full-time day job.


Dr Behrens also shares my views on watching TV ( yes I know I was a TV News Presenter for 13 yrs but that doesn’t make it the best use of time)

Think about it again….would you be willing to exchange time not from your day job but from watching TV 20 hours each week (3 hours/day)? Three fewer hours each day of watching reality TV could ensure your long term career adaptability and survival—would you make the switch? Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 people DON’T.

Whether your career has one or two faces – it’s worth thinking about eh?

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