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by Barrie Hopson on October 22, 2008 · 0 comments

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In July, Katie introduced the Prime Minister at the Catalyst awards conference and one of the winners was Sliversoftime. This is a programme that began in London and is now operating in Leeds and I went to an update to see how it is working there. The beauty of this is its simplicity. Beginning with the proposition that many people (a research study in London suggests almost 14 million nationally) would be interested in selling some of their time but because of commitments – like caring, or disabilities or even lack of confidence – cannot consider full or part time work. However, they might be able to offer the odd hour or hours here and there often at short notice. Look at the video from Look North and this explains how it works. Currently the group in Leeds has around 120 sellers on their books but with 700 who would like to try this out. What is limiting that right now is that there are not enough buyers. If you are in London,Leeds, Kirklees, Liverpool, Cambridge, Bristol, Exeter, Sheffield, Hull or Kent and want to test this system out contact sliversoftime.

We believe that although many of these users will eventually gain enough confidence and work experience to gravitate to a full or part time job many others will realise that they like the freedom and control that having a number of jobs confers. In other words a portfolio career.

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