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by Barrie Hopson on November 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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We have finally reached the perusing eyes of the Word Spy which claims that it is a ‘lexpionage’ devoted to the sleuthing of new words and phrases. No real surprises in tracing Portfolio Careers back to Charles Handy but interesting to see an article written in 1990 which makes it clear that portfolio careers will be a real option for the over 50’s. something close to my own heart as my new book The Rainbow Years: The Pluses of Being 50+ is published next week. And yes we are saying that portfolio careers are an attractive option for the over 50’s who decreasingly want traditional full time jobs. Just as well really as they are diminishing in number and we don’t see them returning in the old format after the recession.

I was reminded of one of Charles’s succinct phrases in their extract:”Portfolio people lead cash-flow lives, not salary lives”. Don’t we just know it – and love it!

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