The Rainbow Years: The Pluses of Being 50+

by Barrie Hopson on December 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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In another time and space ( I was delighted to announce that my new book, written with Mike Scally, my colleague of many years, has been published this week. In addition to bookshops it can be bought at uk,, and also from We should point out that all 3 of these sources offer a guaranteed discount. You will probably also get discounts in bookshops but clearly that is unknown to us.

This feels like an important milestone – but only one. That is why Mike and I are continuing with our blog and also to contribute to the learndirect fifyforward website. So do watch that space … and of course continue to watch this space too …….

In the book we highlight that portfolio careers are becoming increasingly popular with the over 50’s and certainly Katie and I have found this when interviewing people about this topic. It feels good when different parts of your life overlap – one of the attractions of a portfolio career actually!

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