There are Other Kinds of Career – (2) Serial Careers

by Barrie Hopson on January 10, 2009 · 0 comments

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A Serial Career is symbolised by a lattice fence because when plants grow against such a fence, they grow upwards, sideways, maybe downwards, diagonally, etc. People who like periodic change favour this work style. Some people, no matter what they are doing or how successful they have been, just need to change every few years. They get bored quickly and need to move on. They enjoy learning new skills and working in new environments. In the past they might have been characterised as feckless, a dilettante or unreliable. They get very involved in a job or a career but do not see it as something for life.
Pluses? You can experiment with a number of different jobs and careers. You choose your paid work according to what interests you as opposed to what might help get you promotion or more money. You should develop ‘flexicurity’.
Minuses? Some people may view you as someone who ‘never settles down’. You may never achieve seniority in an organisation.

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