Are you suited to a portfolio career?

by Barrie Hopson on February 1, 2009 · 0 comments

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We have been taxed by this question a great deal recently from wresting with research and our own case studies. The first of our 10 steps to create a portfolio career is to decide if one is right for you. We have developed a diagnostic that we are currently testing out and a high score would state that for people to enjoy a portfolio career they would probably need to be:
Self starters, excellent time managers who organize their lives very well, who believe they are largely in control of their own destiny, who do not like to be bossed about, have a huge need for independence, are high energy, prepared to market themselves and actually enjoy networking, like change and variety, not frightened to take risks, cope well with stress and pressure, feel positive about themselves, quite like having deadlines, love to learn, not driven purely by money and not over anxious if they have insufficient at some times, like to be in control generally, are assertive, can multitask, live with ambiguity and often find little difference between their work and free time. The reason that perfectionists have problems with this career pattern is that there simply is not the time to always get everything right.
Please let us know if you think we have missed something.

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