Generation Y and Portfolio Careers

by Barrie Hopson on February 3, 2009 · 0 comments

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The folks that fall into the category of Gen Y are a very talented and unique group of people as a whole. As far as technological savvy goes, they were basically born with a mouse in their hands, using computers before they could ever think of reading a book. They are a group with an amazing skill set and a big sense of entitlement.

This is good news for employers, especially those who are losing baby boomers in large numbers to retirement, among other things. Gen Y is ready to help get the job done—but they’re going to do it on their own terms.

Among many other things, many employers are learning that people who fall into the Gen Y category are remarkably hard workers that don’t draw a distinction between work and personal time; their life is their life, and work is part of it. They are able to multitask, they are able to do things with a computer that you’ve never seen before, and they can do it in less than half the time.

Gen Y wants their freedom, their compensation, and their own terms. They will out produce many senior members of a staff while doing a whole host of other things and do an outstanding job. But keep in mind that they want to do all of this on their own terms.

Enter the portfolio career.

It is not abnormal to see a Gen Y employee work several different jobs throughout the week, while volunteering and even working from home on some sort of web-based operation or startup. They can take on the various challenges and, rather than compartmentalizing, they take a holistic approach.

More than likely, we will begin to see a trend of less single-track careers in Gen Y individuals and more portfolio careers that are used as a road to entrepreneurship—or even a lifestyle that simply allows for more free time overall. Being able to do all of the required work in less time while juggling multiple jobs, hobbies, and a social life may sound distressing to someone from any other generation, but Gen Y is on top of what’s going on and the future looks bright indeed.

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