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by Katie Ledger on February 17, 2009 · 0 comments

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Went to see the master of marketing Seth Godin today, where he was urging us to be leaders of a "tribe". His new book Tribes outlines how most of us want to belong to at least one tribe but maybe many more. He said:

1. Change Everything

2. Tell your story ( and get others to re-tell it)

3. Be remarkable  (a la Purple Cow)

4. Its all about CONNECTING

5. What business are you in? 

I say I am in the "help people to create work they are good at, proud of, enjoy and get paid" business. This is all great advice to the portfolio careerist  (see previous post). Seth was on good cheeky form and had this to say when I asked him about portfolio working.

One person asked Seth how he had time to do all the stuff he does and reply to email and he said he didn’t watch TV and use Twitter. I certainly agree on the TV front – gives you another 2-3 hours a day and still experimenting with Twitter. Thanks Seth for a great afternoon and for answering my email so quickly. You are inspirational.

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