Portfolio careers for dancers

by Barrie Hopson on April 6, 2009 · 2 comments

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An article from New York promotes the concept that dancers could do well to consider following a portfolio career. Sondra Forsyth describes that in 2000 when she was the New York Dance Scene columnist on DanceArt.com, she wrapped up a post about day jobs and side jobs with this advice: “Think of yourself as a successful entrepreneur instead of as a dancer who’s patching together a living.” Recently she came across Charles Handy’s term “Portfolio Career” and realized that was what she was advocating. ” If you treat each of your pursuits as a potential calling instead of just as a way of putting money in your pocket, they’ll all fuel each other. You’ll be better at everything you do and you won’t be prone to burn-out. Even the classic scenario of waiting table while you’re taking class and going to auditions can be more than a stop-gap situation. A case in point is ballerina Jill Schulster ( in the picture above) who has an active freelance performing career — often with my company, Ballet Ambassadors — and who has parlayed her years of waitressing into the co-ownership of a thriving New York City restaurant called JoDoe. (While you’re in NYC, don’t miss a chance to have a meal there. And tell them Sondra sent you!)”

We are coming across more and more people who are consciously choosing this workstyle covering all kinds of occupations. We are always looking for new examples so do let us know.

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1 alex April 9, 2009 at 2:31 am


Portfolio career

Charity worker
Social Entrepreneur
University tutor
Home worker
College course writer
Tennis coach

It took me 44 years to get there but it is fun

2 Barrie Hopson April 17, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Welcome to the Club Alex. Its not so exclusive these days. We have evidence to suggest that it is the workstyle that is increasingly becoming the first choice for many. It is not for everyone but most people who choose it stay with it.

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