Portfolio careers for MP’s

by Barrie Hopson on May 17, 2009 · 0 comments

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So now we know that around 150 MP’s have portfolio careers. That is just over 1 in 4. This is not new although the extent of it may be. There has long been an argument that there is something to be said for having MP’s who have other interests and are not just ‘career MP’s’. There is also the argument that if MP’s are doing their jobs properly then they should not have enough time for other jobs. Also for many of them their careers have similarities to professional footballers. It is unusual for them to spend all or even most of their working lives as an MP. Difference here is that they earn – even with expenses – nothing like top professional soccer players. One thing that we do know is that if MP’s are representative of the general population then many of them will simply not be able to exercise all of their skills in one job or even to spend all of their time doing things that they believe are worthwhile. Once the expenses nonsense has been sorted – a very high immediate priority – then a useful discussion should take place as to whether or not MP’s should be allowed to have more than one job. If they are disallowed then they will be one of the few careers which will have outlawed this.

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