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Just passing on a new idea as we argue in our book that as portfolio workers you absolutely need to keep up to date with new technologies and trends. A meme ( pronounced meem) is a kind of ‘idea virus’ and like other less friendly ones can spread exponentially through the internet. I catch it, pass it on to 20 friends and each of them passes it on to another 20+ each and before you know it millions of people are infected. This is what Twitter does particularly well. It could be a new word, a joke, a concept, a phrase – ‘random acts of kindness’ was one example – now old hat of course. The word is not that new and was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins the well known atheist but more importantly the author of The Selfish Gene. He shortened the Greek word ‘mimima’ which means ‘something imitated’ and applied it to the the spread of ideas. What are the odds that meme itself will shortly be zooming around the world as a useful new concept?

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