This recession is different..

by Barrie Hopson on July 18, 2009 · 0 comments

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This is a Free e-Newsletter for Career Counselors & Coaches. It is American but has many useful insights. Its latest posting talks about a fundamental shift in the thinking of employers which could result from this recession compared with previous ones. “This Great Recession, however, has reset the dynamics of the American workplace. The downsizing we are witnessing today is not a temporary reduction in force; it’s a permanent reduction in structure. Employers are shaving huge chunks off their organizational charts, and those jobs will never be replaced. As a result, what began after the 2001 recession as a “job less” recovery has morphed into a “less jobs” recovery after this recession. There will simply be far fewer positions available even as the economy begins to grow.”
We believe that this is another indication that portfolio career will not only be more attractive for individuals but also more attractive for employers. Watch this space as we post some quotations from key employers in the UK who are already starting to think like this.

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