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by Barrie Hopson on August 31, 2009 · 0 comments

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Dan Pink in a recent TED talk refers to taking a Sagmeister. This is an expression taken from the inspirational designers own recent TED talk in which he says that he takes a year of his retirement NOW. Every 7 years he takes a year out.

Returning from a sabbatical in Indonesia back in 2007, Sagmeister realized his work had a new clarity, vision and purpose and that his “job became a calling again.” Sagmeister felt his post-sabbatical work was stronger and edgier; his year out provided the insight, innovation and income for the following seven years. So what is his formula?

  1. Talk to people who’ve taken sabbaticals about how and why they did it, and what they learned.
  2. Add five years to your planned working life.
  3. Intersperse those extra years into your career, taking a year off every seventh year.

Now here is a challenge for a portfolio worker. How many of us would dare or could even afford to take periodical sabbaticals?

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