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by Barrie Hopson on September 1, 2009 · 0 comments

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People ask us more about effective networking than almost any other of the aspects of portfolio careers that we write about. We have a whole chapter in the new book about this but are always looking for additional wisdom and tips elsewhere. I subscribe to an excellent site from Keith Ferrazzi. He talks about the importance of following up people that you have met and how you can ensure that they remember you. His 11 tips for doing this are:

  1. Put the name and e-mail address of a new acquaintance in your database and program your calendar to remind you in a month’s time to drop the person another e-mail, just to keep in touch.
  2. Remember—and this is critical—your follow up shouldn’t remind them of what they can do for you. It’s about what you might be able to do for them. It’s about giving them a reason to want to follow up.
  3. Always express your gratitude.
  4. Be sure to include an item of interest from your meeting or conversation—a joke or a shared moment of humor.
  5. Reaffirm whatever commitments you both made—going both ways.
  6. Be brief and to the point.
  7. Always address the thank-you note to the person by name.
  8. Use e-mail and snail mail. The combination adds a personalized touch.
  9. Timeliness is key. Send them as soon as possible after the meeting or interview.
  10. Many people wait until the holidays to say thank you or reach out. Why wait? Your follow-ups will be timelier, more appropriate, and certainly better remembered.
  11. Don’t forget to follow up with those who have acted as the go between for you and someone else. Let the original referrer know how the conversation went, and express your appreciation for their help.

Every portfolio worker should have these tips on a card that you carry around with you, or entered into your smartphone or on the front page of a notebook. Thanks Keith.

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