We have both been involved with a variety of interviews and with media people recently which has helped us to crystallise our key messages from the book. Alliteration always helps! So – with a nod to Gordon – we find ourselves increasingly talking about the 4 F’s  relating to portfolio careers.


Few jobs (yes we know that’s another F) seem to be able to provide people with all the fulfilment they are looking for. You need work that uses all of your motivated skills, helps you implement all your values, taps into your passions  and that blends in with your chosen lifestyle.  A tall order for 1 job. A portfolio career reframes work around YOU. Part time, full time, working for yourself or for organisations, the choice is yours. As Tanya Grunwald, who reviewed the book, put it so succinctly: ‘why have one boring job for life when you can have several cool jobs for the time being’.


By this we mean that the only real security these days comes from within yourself and the knowledge and belief in what you can offer. You need to be flexible. Every job is temporary. One side of a coin might say ‘job security’ but the other side says ‘dependency’. A portfolio career helps you thrive in difficult times.


To be the architect of your lifestyle. To blend the different elements of your life so that it works for you NOW.  Next month or next year it could be different. But you are in charge. You may have bosses, you may be a team member but you are choosing them and if unhappy will look for alternatives. Single track career people do that too but the impact on their lifestyle of swapping one full time job for another is considerably greater than you changing one item in your portfolio basket.


This can be the stopper for many when exploring a portfolio career but as we explain in the book there are at least 4 different ways of funding this move. Which is right for you will depend on your circumstances and your personality. You can save up to give you a 3 or 6 month buffer for when you start. Get someone else to pay for it by helping with a new business start up or work for a prestigious organisation that will impress people on your CV when you jump. You can work in a part time job to pay the mortgage while using the remainder of your time to develop your portfolio. And finally, you can jump and hope the net will appear! The first step is to do a complete financial health check as described in the book. Most of us haven’t a clue as to how we spend our money and what satisfaction we get from doing so. Interestingly, most of the people that we talk to actually earn more than they ever did from one employer. We do emphasize that we cannot guarantee that!

By the way, I met up with Gordon Ramsey last month at my favourite Italian restaurant in Leeds – Salvo’s. He was judging them to see if they were good enough to make the final for the best Italian neighbourhood restaurant in the UK. Have a look at 9pm Tuesday Nov 3 to see how they fared.

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