Choices: I have them. I don’t have to work 9-5 with one company.

Responsibility: I take responsibility for my career.

Environment: work has changed forever – it’s not going back.

Assess: motivated skills (what I am good at & motivated to do)*

Talk: to others about your MS

Energy: to take action – are you a driller or filler?

Motivated Skills (assessing your life achievements)

An Achievement is something you:

1. are good at

2. enjoyed

3. are proud of

Step1 (10 minutes): On your own, write down in a list everything, (including at least one before the age of 10), which you regard as an achievement in your life to date. Not just work related.

Step 2 (1 minute): On your own, review the list and circle the top 5 achievements that you are particularly proud of.

Step 3 (20 minutes): Working with one other person, describe all the things that you did that contributed to your achievements. Your partner will write down all that they hear and hand over their notes to you.  You review the notes and identify recurring themes from the achievements.  Ideally, you should find 3 to 5 patterns of skills.  This is an exploration and should build self confidence. After 10 minutes, reverse roles.

Discovering your Motivated Skills and being able to articulate them can be very useful when talking about yourself to others. More in the book.

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