Update on Reviewing Papers on Radio Leeds

by Barrie Hopson on November 14, 2009 · 0 comments

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As we always say it is always good to expose yourself to a new experience – even if it involves getting up at 6am – I am an owl not a lark. Interesting challenge in that you are given every daily newspaper 30 minutes before going live and you have to work out just what might be grabbing for the presenter and for the audience. Not too much heavy stuff and some popular and even whimsical stories. The serious one was easy for me as it was this daft research study, headlined in the Daily Mail and in many of the other papers too which states that the over 60’s are getting so unfit and obese that they cannot even tie up their own shoelaces. Well – discovered that this as a US study so that immediately raised questions for me  but more seriously the data goes against all the other research data that Mike Scally and I collected for our Rainbow Years book last year and to which we continue to add to on our blog for the 50+’s. The present crop of baby boomers are not only the fittest and healthiest examples of this age group ever to live on this planet but recent research makes it clear that today the average 50 year old is fitter and healthier than the average 25 year old.

I was sharing the slot with a delightful lady called Maxine Barnett, a PR consultant, who fortunately for me watches the X Factor – which I have never seen and which the presenter was really turned on by. Thanks Maxine. We sorted out before hand which stories each of us would focus on and then tried to link the stories so that it became more of a duo presentation. Whilst the music was playing I discovered that Maxine really wants to explore a portfolio career – like so many people I meet these days. This usually follows my answer to the question, “And what do you do?” No surprise there then! I almost always say ‘ I have a portfolio career’ and then list the items in my current portfolio.

I also had a telephone conversation the other evening with one of the portfolio workers that I had interviewed a year ago and who, at that time, had 4 jobs. She was quite distressed as she had lost 3 of those – all because of the recession. But, however awful this is, she still has one job which takes up 2 days a week. As we say in the book, in this day and age, there are some real pluses to not having all of your career options in one basket. She is not unemployed and has another 3 days a week at least to begin to find new jobs that will satisfy a wider range of skills and tap into the full panoply of her passions.

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