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by Barrie Hopson on November 21, 2009 · 1 comment

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Andy was at the launch of our book at 1 Alfred Place last Thursday and has already published a great review of the book in his newsletter. We have an entire chapter on networking so were fascinated to see his blog last week when he posted the results of a competition through Twitter, Facebook and  his newsletter for people to win tickets to the Entrepreneurs in London event. He invited readers to submit their best networking tip. These are some of the winners.

Getting stuck in conversation with someone when you really want to move on can be difficult to break without appearing rude.

My strategy is to say “Lets network with that group over there”. Move next to them, wait for the intro and then join the conversation.When all talking together I can then make my excuses and move on. I then get to talk to someone else and no-one in the group I’ve just left feels either rebuffed or offended. It works because you never end up leaving someone alone feeling stranded.

Jonathan Wainwright
FCG Consultancy Ltd

I like to write notes on the back of a contacts card in front of them before we part. I think it shows a level of commitment and interest in them and what they do. People remember you for that, as they will undoubtably be swapping many cards on a networking night, this marks out the experience for them.

Asif Mirza

A good tip for someone who is new to networking and is shy and reserved (just like me) !! and is not comfortable with approaching people/groups is to get to the event nice and early before anyone else and then the first person to arrive will go to you!

Steve Short
Comedy and Close Up Magic

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