A life better lived..

by Barrie Hopson on January 15, 2010 · 0 comments

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This is the title of a very interesting review by Alan Moore of our book on the SMLXL website. Interesting because the reviewer has a great  quotation,  taken from Ralph Borsordi in This Ugly Civilization,  who describes a day in the life of Thomas B. Hazard in the 1780’s.

Making bridle bits, worked a garden, dug a woodchuck out of a hole, made stone wall for cousin, planted corn, cleaned cellar, made hoe handle of bass wood, sold a kettle, brought Sister Tanner in a fish boat, made hay, went for coal, made nails at night, went huckleberrying, raked oats, plowed turnip lot, went to monthly meeting and carried Sister Tanner behind me, bought a goose, went to see town, put on new shoes, made a shingle nail tool, helped George mend a spindle for the mill, went to harbor mouth gunning, killed a Rover, hooped tubs, caught a weasel, made nails, made a shovel, went swimming,staid at home, made rudder irons, went eeling.

Just brings home beautifully how portfolio living was the norm before the Industrial Revolution and why we believe that it is fast becoming fashionable again.

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