New forms of working

by Barrie Hopson on January 19, 2010 · 0 comments

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It is indicative that we are in a state of major paradigm shift when you keep coming across the same subject being addressed by different books and articles. The agrarian revolution took 10,000 years to produce the industrial revolution which in turn has taken about 200 years to produce the next revolution for which at present there is no agreed definitive term. Information revolution, digital revolution, knowledge revolution, etc. An excellent article has just appeared in the online version of the Boston Post – ‘The end of the office… and the future of work’ which claims that in the US already 1/3 of all workers are freelancers of one kind or another. A new concept for me was what the author calls’ crowdsourcing’, where jobs that previously might have been done by one person are instead “chunked” into much smaller tasks that can be taken up, one by one, by a far-flung army of online workers. The best-known crowdsourcing application,’s Mechanical Turk, pays pennies for tasks like tagging photos or transcribing speech. Read this article.

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