And now we have Generation Z…

by Barrie Hopson on February 8, 2010 · 0 comments

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Just when we are getting used to Generation Y we now have to get accustomed to their successors – those born from 1994 onwards. This a generation for whom expectations are set by the immediacy of the digital world. A Habbo survey in May 2009 found Generation Z to be altruistic, with a strong sense of values, concerned about the environment, social justice and humanitarianism, less interested in fame and fortune than Generation Y (1981-1990) and favouring technology platforms they can mould. A new report for the Government by Fast Future on the Face of Jobs to Come talks about the  increasing prospect of generational conflicts.  They claim that 51% of baby boomers (born1946-1964) and 66% of the generation that preceded them reported having little to no interaction with colleagues from Generation Y (l1981-1990) Generation Y is considered the most self-indulgent, Generation X (1964-1980) the most innovative, Boomers are the most productive, and those over 63 are the most admired. The EU warns that the economic downturn “could make the challenges creating by ageing more acute‖ and lead to intergenerational conflict”.  I will now start to look at my grandchildren in a new light and no doubt Katie will be looking at her children for signs of intergenerational conflict!

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