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by Barrie Hopson on February 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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We make a huge play in our book about the importance of feeling passionate about the work that one does. We also talk about the fact that more and more people say to us that it is increasingly difficult to find one job that enables them to use all of their motivated skills and which taps into their passions. So it was with interest that we came across an international survey which attempted to find out just how many employees do feel passionate about their jobs. The Kenexa Institute conducts an annual survey into this topic. Unfortunately I have found it impossible to find out the detail of how the data was collected as I am somewhat surprised at the figures but their conclusions are still quite interesting.

They define having passion for one’s job  by the extent to which employees are excited about their work, feel a sense of personal accomplishment, are extremely satisfied with their organisation, believe they have a future at their organisation, and rarely think about finding a new job.

The latest results indicate that 53% of employees in the United Kingdom feel passionate about their jobs, compared to the global rating of 56%. Employees in India (72%), Brazil (63%), Canada (60%), and the United States and Germany (59%) report the most passion followed by those in Saudi Arabia and Russia (58%). Workers in Japan (41%) are the least likely to feel passionate.

Employees in the United Kingdom report that they are passionate about their jobs when their skills and abilities are put to good use; they have an opportunity for development; they can meet career objectives and still devote time to personal obligations; they have confidence in the company’s future; and they are recognised for their work.

The intensity to which employees are passionate about their jobs varies among different jobs types. In the United Kingdom, senior/middle managers (60%) report the most passion for their jobs followed by professional/technical workers (58%), supervisors (53%), clerical workers (50%) and salespeople (47%). Service and production workers (43%) report the least amount of passion.

In the United Kingdom, having passion for one’s job also varies notably across industries. Workers in the hi-tech industry (56%) are the most passionate, followed by those in the healthcare services (55%), financial (51%), government (50%) and retail (46%) industries. Those in manufacturing (45%) report the lowest levels of passion.

So how do you compare?

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