Job search blues

by Barrie Hopson on February 25, 2010 · 1 comment

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We have quoted before from Hannah Morgan’s website and newsletter about job searching and below are a host of sites that she is recommending for people who are getting disillusioned with the process. Portfolio workers of course are looking for more than 1 job so in theory could get even more demoralised. If you go to directly to Hannah’s site then you will be able to link directly to any of the sites mentioned below. These are all US sites.

@MartinBuckland, Job Search Made Positive

@GayleHoward, Job Search: When It All Turns Sour

@chandlee, Strategy for Getting “Unstuck” and Feeling Better: Watch Lemonade

@heathermundell, Help for the Job Search Blues

@heatherhuhman, 10 Ways to Turn You Job Search Frown Upside-Down

@KCCareerCoach, You Can Beat the Job Search Blues: 5 + 3 Tips to Get Re-Energized

@WalterAkana, Light at the End of the Tunnel

@resumeservice, Don’t Sweat the Job Search

@WorkWithIllness, Finding Opportunity in Quicksand

@KatCareerGal, Job-Hunting in a Weak Job Market: 5 Strategies for Staying Upbeat (and Improving Your Chances of Success)

@ErinKennedyCPRW, Dancing In the Rain-Kicking the Job Search Blues

@keppie_careers, What do do when you are discouraged with your job search

@DawnBugni, It’s the little things

@ValueIntoWords, Restoring Your Joy in Job Search

@jobhuntorg, Just SO VERY Discouraged

@barbarasafani Making Job Search Fun (Yeah, That’s Right!)

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1 career sherpa February 28, 2010 at 9:26 am

Many thanks for referencing my site! Job search is a game- 10% physical and 90% psychological. If we are to compete, we need to master the mind-games just as much as the process!

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