Making a dent in the universe

by Barrie Hopson on June 8, 2010 · 2 comments

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As you know from time to time we like to feature some of Hugh MacLeod’s drawings on this site as he contributed a dozen for our book. Usually we just publish the drawing but this time I have taken his words too which were stimulated by Steve Job’s oft quoted expression.

“It was always Steve Jobs’ mantra: ‘Let’s make a dent in the universe’.

I liked that phrase so much, I incorporated it into the Hughtrain Manifesto:

Whatever you manufacture, somebody can make it better, faster and cheaper than you.

You do not own the molecules. They are stardust. They belong to God. What you do own is your soul. Nobody can take that away from you. And it is your soul that informs the brand.

It is your soul, and the purpose and beliefs that embodies, that people will buy into.

Ergo, great branding is a spiritual exercise.

Why is your brand great? Why does your brand matter? Seriously. If you don’t know, then nobody else can- no advertiser, no buyer, and certainly no customer.

It’s not about merit. It’s about faith. Belief. Conviction. Courage.

It’s about why you’re on this planet. To make a dent in the universe.

I don’t want to know why your brand is good, or very good, or even great. I want to know why your brand is totally frickin’ amazing.

Once you tell me, I can tell the world.

Really, is there any better way to spend one’s working hours? I don’t think so…”

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