Er, what exactly do you do?

by Barrie Hopson on July 30, 2010 · 1 comment

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Great title for an article and indeed one with this title was published in today’s  Financial Times by Mike Southon who has some good things to say about our book.

“For those of us with a “portfolio career”, a one-line description of what we do can be a challenge. Some people assume I am a journalist, but I have to explain that I am a columnist and hardly know anyone at the Financial Times other than my editor. Others know me from speaking at events, but the soubriquet “professional speaker” can have negative connotations – I sometimes have to provide reassurance that I am not about to launch into a presentation.

I try to explain that I am a mentor – though not a coach or a counsellor – and my life involves different activities every day. This job description can look very attractive to someone bored with the daily grind of a job in which they have long lost interest. But I have to explain that going from secure employment to a portfolio career requires a change in lifestyle and attitude to work.”

We agree Mike and know exactly what you are talking about and of course would not revert back to a ‘proper job’.

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