And what do you do?

by Barrie Hopson on August 21, 2010 · 2 comments

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I had the very challenging experience recently of having our own question thrown straight at me. It was an interview conducted by vitae who have interviewed many people over the past year or so to give undergraduates and new graduates some case studies to help stimulute them to thinking more about what they want from a career. Their audience are primarily researchers, many of whom will be attracted to or find themselves embracing a portfolio career. My job was to convince them that a research and academic background can also serve as a launch pad for entrepreneurial activity. Not an easy task especially if you talk as much as I do! What you see is a heavily edited version of what was an hour long interview.  Clearly the objective here is very different from what we discuss in our book about getting your story right for networking and marketing situations. But it did serve to help me identify patterns in my career which I had not actually articulated before. It was a result of this that I came up with my byline:

helping people to become architects of their own future

As a learning point – I was in my mid 60’s before I came up with that!  With what I now know I would always recommend people to identify a byline which encapsulates what you do. And you know – you are allowed to change that as you develop!

This could be a valuable exercise for you to try. Get someone to interview about your career so far. Get them to ask you to:

  • describe your career to date
  • see if you can discover themes that run throughout
  • distinguish between what you did that made you come alive – and of course the opposite
  • analyse whether or not there is any logic in your choice of jobs or whether it is largely intuitive
  • summarise how happy you are with the choices that you have made so far
  • explore what you would like to develop in the future

We would suggest that you attempt to film this interview as viewing this and hearing yourself will also tell you a great deal. If you do this we would love to hear how you got on.

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