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by Barrie Hopson on October 7, 2010 · 2 comments

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Many portfolio workers have to make presentations from time to time as part of their marketing and we like to pass on useful resources that will help you with this. We have both found Garr Reynolds books and blog very useful for this. If you have not seen presentationzen you really should. It is an artistic delight as well as being packed with sound advice on creating presentations. His latest blog outlines 5 ways of starting your presentation with a punch.

This is how he starts his posting: “The primacy effect, when applied to presentations, suggests that we remember more strongly what happens at the beginning of a presentation. In order to establish a connection with an audience, we must grab their attention right from the beginning. A punchy opening that gets the audience’s attention is paramount. Granville N. Toogood, author of The Articulate Executive also stresses the idea of starting off quickly and beginning with punch. “To make sure you don’t get off on the wrong foot, plunge right in,” he says. “To galvanize the mind of the audience, you’ve got to strike quickly.” There are many ways to strike quickly and start with punch to make a strong initial connection. Conveniently, at least five proven ways to begin a talk form the acronym PUNCH. Some of the best openings include content which is Personal, Unexpected, Novel, Challenging, or Humorous”.

Do log on and read it in detail. It has already made me think a bit differently about a keynote speech I am giving to 200 people next week in London.

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1 Ian Gotts October 7, 2010 at 1:59 pm

In an effort to help raise the level of presentations from “let me read these slides to you” to “a smile in the mind / edutation” ( Edutation = entertainment + education ) I recorded 10 hints and tips on making an impression.

You can find the interview at

2 Barrie Hopson October 13, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Thanks Ian. This is well worth a visit.

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