New year, new career: eight ways to change your life in 2011

by Barrie Hopson on January 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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Just to demonstrate that we really do not believe that a portfolio career is for everyone we thought you might be interested in seeing what Management Today came up with as the 8 ways to review your life and career. They interview a number of careers experts and is well worth a look. John Lees is quoted a great deal and John has the latest version of his new book out now which is even better than his previous editions not least of which because he addresses portfolio careers.

I particularly liked a technique quoted by Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO of human asset management consultancy iOpener, and author of Happiness at Work.

“Identify differing pathways to your goal. The late professor of psychology CR Snyder recommended that in order to do something different, you need five different pathways to get you going. If one pathway fails, you just try another. For example, says Pryce-Jones, if your vision is to be CEO of a big company, your pathways might include: what CEOs can I talk to to find out how they got there? Who needs to know about me? How will I network? How will I act on any feedback? What additional experience might I need?

Evaluate your motivation. As well as pathways, you need ‘willways’ to succeed. Decide how willing you are to try each of your pathways. Ideally, your motivation should score about seven out of 10 before you even start. If it’s lower than that, come up with another pathway, or find a way to boost your motivation.”

As the freelancer which you now are – no matter how you are employed – your radar should always be alert to new beginnings and recognising when a phase has come to a natural conclusion.

A very happy new year to you all.

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