Android apps for portfolio workers

by Barrie Hopson on March 9, 2011 · 0 comments

in New Technology

As Apple users – well, we both have Apple computers, iPads and iphones – we still do recognise that there really are other pieces of impressive kit out there and android devices are certainly making an impact recently. My attention was drawn to a US careers site that recently had a whole posting on the android apps that they reckoned were really useful in managing your career. To give you a flavour the headings are:

1. Touch Calendar,  2. PrinterShare Mobile Print,  3. CraigsApp,  4. Evernote,  5. Groupy,  6. RepliGo Reader,  7. Job Interview Prep,  8. RealTweets Job Networking,  9. Astrid,  10. Compass

11. ConnectIn,  12. Quick Contact,  13. Google Voice,  14. Job Interview Questions,  15. Resume Tips,  16. Mobile Career Companion,  17. GOALS ToDo Full,  18. CB Jobs,  19. Alarms,  20. Business Motivation Quotes

Us – biased? Of course not.

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