Are you on Linkedin?

by Barrie Hopson on March 23, 2011 · 1 comment

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We keep on telling people that they should be as googleme is the new business card. And LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner just announced that the professional network has now reached 100 million users worldwide. We keep hearing stories about the value of this online networking system. There are other interesting possibilities about too and we will inform you of a new personal branding tool shortly which is free for anyone to use too. Watch this space.

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1 Robert Mackay March 28, 2011 at 8:06 am

Mentoring is the key, I have just completed an MIT Boston Entrepreneurship programme with HIE, Enterprise Scotland, and the same network has invested in my R and D to develop a new device for the energy industry by converting tidal energy into useful electrical power for small scale applications.

3.5 years even with help is still a difficult and long process as without a track record in business no-one believes in you or your product. It’s a cross that you bear alone, no wonder so many new ideas fail, but I have been very lucky, and in creating a board and a business plan which meets with independent assessment as being OK keeps the show on the road, thankfully we are now at the point where our business looks capable of turning the corner and becoming a successful product, and recently was adopted to be an pipeline company which in the speak of such things means we have been recognised as having international growth potential.

The most important good fortune that I have had is that mentoring comes in many forms, asking for and finding that help with a strategy that just keeps moving forward is about the only cheer I can give you, that plus the joys of working and believing in yourself.
Having a great idea is worthless if it cannot be commercialised, entrepreneurs are 2 for a penny, successful start-ups are gold dust, so my hopes for this group are just huge, delivering on a promise is a bargain need to make to ourselves, good hearted people can help us all get there.

Robert Mackay
VeMarine Ltd dir.

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