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by Barrie Hopson on April 10, 2011 · 1 comment

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I was most impressed to get an invitation to attend the first meeting to be organised for portfolio workers in London to get together to discuss issues and to find kindred spirits. This will now meet monthly and I certainly intend to visit as soon as I can. I live in Leeds so it is a bit more awkward for me to attend – but I will.

I then discover another site set up recently by Jehangir Mehentee. Then of course there is the site set up by one of our guest bloggers Helen Wiles. Helen writes in her latest posting of attending the London meeting in Camden and describes very well the potential loneliness of the long distance portfolio worker.

What occurred to me was that maybe what we, portfolio workers, could all benefit from would be similar groups in our own part of the UK. Or even in the US as we get as many readers from there as we do in this country. I will post this suggestion on our Linkedin portfolio careers site and see what reactions there are. There are currently 273 members from all over the world.

Remember we are becoming a career choice for many people who are by nature dilettantes! My headteacher admonished me at school by informing me when I was 17 that if I did not get my act together and get some focus my gravestone would read, ‘Barrie was a dilettante’. I had to go and look it up in a dictionary – no Google in those days – and really liked what I read and have continued to enjoy dilettantism.

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1 Chris King April 10, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Great idea, Barrie!

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