Who’s got your back? from Marianne Cantwell on Vimeo.

I have already talked about the different words and phrases that people use to talk about people like us who have chosen not to have a ‘proper job’. Marianne commits her life to helping people escape from the traditional work/job cage. I am displaying her recent video from her blog in which she addresses the importance of having someone behind you when you make the leap to free yourself up to do what you want to do and to live how you want to live. Katie and I are often asked just how¬† we made the leap. In our book we discuss different ways of doing this financially including the scary one of ‘leap and the net will appear’. Neither of us chose this route. We prepared carefully before doing it. What both of us had were friends and family who supported us while we did it. Which brings us back to Marianne’s innovative video. Silent for 60 seconds and then lovely music to listen to. Enjoy and learn.

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