What makes portfolio careers so attractive?

by Barrie Hopson on June 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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In our book we talk of many attractions and mostly on the positive side. However, occasionally we see evidence which suggests that there are some negative pushes as well, The Charted Management Institute (CMI) in  a recent survey of 2,000 employees found that 55% don’t think their manager is up to the job.   Perhaps even more worryingly, they’re completely oblivious to the fact.

Nearly two thirds say their boss is unapproachable, so they can’t discuss their concerns. The paradox is that more than a third of employees are convinced their boss thinks he or she is actually pretty good at what they do.   In the past month 61% of staff have wanted to ask their boss for help making a decision, but haven’t had the chance. This has led to most workers making decisions they aren’t qualified to make, resulting in a tenth covering up any mistakes they have made. Almost 40% of employees feel their boss’ behaviour increases stress levels and one in ten blame their boss for declining health.

This contributes to a higher number of ‘sickies,’ the CMI suggests – a problem which is costing the UK economy billions of pounds. According to the latest annual report on absence in the workplace by the Confederation of British Industry, 190m working days were lost last year due to staff absence, costing British businesses £17bn.

So why do so many of us not want a single job when we are subject to this level of incompetence and empathy!  Not surprising really is it. I am not of course saying that our own portfolios consist only of wonderful people that we work for but if you do have the odd joker in the pack the impact is less than if your total employment depends upon one situation and job role.

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