Love this piece from Bill Jensen. He says “I recently had the opportunity to interview Yao Huang, who’s been named one of the top 25 women driving New York’s tech scene. I encourage you to watch her video. Lots of wisdom packed into 8 mins. About half-way thru she describes major life discoveries from her time volunteering in a nursing home: “You can learn a lot from a person as they end their life. They’re going to teach you something. You can listen to it, or not listen to it.” Yao listened. She took away three life lessons from all she met. (Spoken in the forms of regrets..) 1. They wished that they learned more. That they invested more in their own education. 2. They wished that they fell in love and married the right person. Married who they loved, and not for other reasons. 3. They wished they followed their dreams. Then Yao closes with, “I’ll tell you this: When you’re about to die, you’ll think of these three things. Are you going to leave happy, or… or not?… Why are we here? That’s what I think about. I see myself 80 yrs old, looking back at my life and having no regrets. And being happy. I’m at present in control of that. Years from now, I will not be, because it will be in the past. So…Seize the moment.”

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