by Barrie Hopson on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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You may have noticed of late that Katie has begun to produce works of linguistic art ! I love what she has started to do and indeed she knocks these pieces of art off to the tune of a few a day – a bit like Picasso did in his greedy period. I showed some of these to a colleague today who was most intrigued and stated that it was a bit like doodling. This rang a bell with me as it sounded rather like comments made about me at various points in my life to the effect that I was fiddling around with life and not getting on with things in the appropriate manner. Usually that meant that I was not concentrating on getting or keeping a proper job.

Listen to what Sunni Brown has to say about the value of doodling as a learning device. Does this also resonate with you as being a visual metaphor for portfolio careers – or am I just doodling with my mind.

Watch this space for more of Katie’s doodles/art work. In fact our next book will be full of them.

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