So how do you answer – “And what do you do?”

by Barrie Hopson on November 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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As our book is based all around answering this question and I talk about this to groups rather a lot I was intrigued to come across Marianne Cantwell’s advice on this in a stimulating and fun video on her Free Range Humans website. It has also led to an interesting discussion on our portfolio careers linkedin group. Marianne – who by the way also contributed to our book – talks about deciding which of your portfolio career elements to emphasize as talking about them all might be overwhelming. You pick and choose according to your audience. I can see the wisdom of this but it also links to the brand that you are developing. For example, I always disclose my full portfolio including my voluntary roles. But then I am reinforcing my brand as an expert on portfolio careers so this is appropriate. If I was a web designer plus 3 other roles then I would emphasize the former if that was where I was pitching for work.

The linkedin group also gets into whether or not you should have more than one linkedin profile. I’m not even sure that is possible but even if it is probably you will need to disclose your entire portfolio on their site. You may want to reconfigure what pops up first depending on meetings that you are having.

Whatever, it is good to really think hard about this and especially to get you to focus on your audience. Katie likes to use a powerpoint slide which makes the point:


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