Why is it Great to have a Portfolio Career?

by Barrie Hopson on December 16, 2011 · 0 comments

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As you know we welcome guest postings and this week I was delighted to meet up with Gail Gibson who is one of the most prolific contributors to our linkedin portfolio careers site. Gail came up with the lovely visual metaphor of a portfolio career as a multicoloured umbrella and uses this now on workshops that she is running with Steve Preston ( who I also met this week) for people interested in exploring portfolio careers. They are a very talented duo so do look at their websites where they promote their workshops.

“Did you know that there is so much to love about having a portfolio career or lifestyle?

Perhaps you are thinking – but what is a portfolio career? The concept of portfolio careers has been around for many years. It’s about creating a lifestyle of work/life balance which plays to your strengths and passions, from which you derive an income. Does it sound interesting if you’ve never heard about it before? Or if you already are a portfolio careerist, do you have alternative thoughts on the idea?

When you live your portfolio career you get to experience an amazing feeling, as you suddenly realise that what you are doing IS the best thing for you. As a successful portfolio lifestylist myself, I have allowed myself to totally embrace my passions for what I do, so my personal reward is an incredibly positive feeling that I am creating a balanced and fulfilling life.

Portfolio careers do take time to develop. For many portfolio workers it’s the lightbulb moment that gives them an opportunity to say, “I can build a working lifestyle for myself and my clients that is unique and offers a wealth of diversity to suit their individual needs”.

One analogy I like to use is that a portfolio career is like a colourful umbrella. In my case, my bespoke umbrella consists of segments; each one a different colour to represent a unique part of my business. Together they create a beautiful synergy of colour and expertise. Together they offer a canopy of choice to best suit the individual needs of my diverse range of clients. With a firm grip on my colourful umbrella I can really enjoy the challenge, diversity and success of having a portfolio lifestyle!

Being so passionate about achieving the right work and lifestyle choices to make a portfolio lifestyle work, here are my top 10 reasons why it is so great to have a colourful umbrell:

1. An Abundance of Opportunities. Each of your strengths or passions can open new doors.

2. Constant Inspiration & Motivation. Diversity creates challenge and change for you to thrive on.

3. Greater level of personal Participation & Contribution. Broaden what you offer and how you offer it.

4. Greater sharing of Knowledge, Experience and Skills. Keep learning to enhance your core skills.

5. Powerful Joint Ventures or Collaborations. Network and build powerful links to explode your business offering.

6. Discover Hidden Talents. Unleash past skills that may have been left dormant.

7. Add Value to your Client Relationships. Position yourself to best suit your client needs.

8. Achieve the Right Life/Work Balance. Creativity and energy replaces monotony.

9. Deliver Unique Solutions.

10. It’s Your Choice. Choose the most appropriate segment of your umbrella that’s ideal for your client.

Now, are you ready to experience your light bulb moment of realisation to develop your own colourful umbrella?”

By Gail Gibson, Portfolio Lifestylist gail@trueexpressions.co.uk

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