Portfolio careers “hint at a new atmosphere of muddle”

by Barrie Hopson on February 7, 2012 · 0 comments

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I  just loved a letter to the Financial Times from Jim Sanders in the US in which he states that “Concepts such as portfolio careers, artfully deconstructed jeans, deconstructed jackets, retro T-shirts and male moisturisers hint at a new atmosphere of muddle”.

To my knowledge I don’t own anything ‘deconstructed’ other than possibly a cat. Of course, I refuse to make any comment re. male moisturisers! But, humour aside, the quotation does embody beautifully the difference between what we all thought was ‘certain’ and ‘normal’ in the last century and the unpredictability and to some people the craziness of what is happening around us now. We know that not everyone enjoys ‘muddle’ but speaking personally what I love about having a portfolio career is the fact that I do not know what might happen next but I do know that tomorrow or perhaps next year is likely to be quite different from today. Muddling sounds good to me….

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