‘Smile please’ – do you really need a photo?

by Barrie Hopson on February 9, 2012 · 0 comments

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68819.ms-012A long running joke between Katie and me has been that as an ex-tv journalist and newsreader she has always had the most professional looking photos of herself available – and still does. I have made do with some pics that my wife took in our dining room at no cost whatsoever. The difference in quality I have to admit is ‘just’ discernible. Just before Xmas I saw a Group On deal offering me a ‘boudoir experience’ including a makeover and a glass of bubbly for £19 at Mark Swinford’s studio in Horsforth, Leeds. This would get me one photo – which I reckoned was all I needed.

I finally got around to arranging these a couple of weeks ago. You will not be surprised that I did not take up the ‘boudoir experience” nor indeed was I offered it when I got there! If you are not sure what such an experience is – google it. You will quickly get the idea!

From the hundred or so pics that Mark took he put about 3o online and after much deliberation (after all my photos last for years – I could be dead before I arrange for another sitting) I got down to 3 and extravagantly therefore have bought 2 along with my ‘free’ one. Alongside this learning experience for me I came across a great blog posting from our guest blogger Jennifer Holloway, who was railing on about strange people who do not put a photo up on Linkedin and other social media. I had not thought about this before but whenever I see a blank where a photo should be or even more weird – a little cartoon or pen drawing – I have totally stopped reading about the person and instead am wondering why she/he has refused to let us see what they look like. I find it very distracting and absolutely I think it gets in the way of your personal brand. As portfolio workers we need to convey what we are about quickly and clearly. Refusing to show your face stops that in its tracks.

Coincidently, today, Fast Company has an amusing article all about what to do and not to do about using photos to project your brand. The writer here also abhors the facial no-shows. And he gives a number of tips to help your face and image become more memorable – no – not another boudoir experience!

You can see the one that I have put up on Linkedin and Twitter today. I shall expose the other 2 in my next postings. What I have to do to promote portfolio careers!

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