There are no longer jobs out there simply projects

by Barrie Hopson on March 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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Katie recently was invited to do a TED talk here in the UK and not surprisingly talked about portfolio careers. She focused especially on a point that we both now emphasise all the time when discussing the future of work and new patterns of careers. Namely, that already it makes less sense to talk about what job you might want next – with all of the baggage that comes with that – but that instead to focus on what project or indeed projects that excites you. One of these might take an afternoon, a month or even several years and you will stay with it so long as it remains a vehicle for using your skills and engaging your passions. When it doesn’t you will search for your next project. Katie of course was a bit shy about posting  this excellent talk but I am not renowned for my shyness in regard to myself or for  those whom I rate enormously. Note the nifty use of the iPad instead of notes. I of course will be trying this out in my next presentation next month.

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