How do I get started on my portfolio career?

by Barrie Hopson on May 31, 2012 · 0 comments

in Managing money,Starting a portfolio career

This is always one of the first questions I get after a presentation. It also dominates our portfolio careers linkedin group. I always talk about the 3 main ways people use to finance it – saving up or using redundancy money to give a cushion of comfort whilst populating your portfolio, dropping to part time and using the extra days to explore options and the more dramatic ‘leap and the net will appear’ strategy. The latter being very high risk and not one either of us would have pursued but it works for some. But clearly earning money to make this happen is an ongoing problem so imagine my delight when the free range human dynamo that is Marianne Cantwell wrote a stimulating and highly informative piece in her regular Friday newsletter which talks about” 5 Fun Ways To Earn An Extra £500 On The Side (and 10 simple steps to make it happen)”.   I learned about a number of options which were unknown to me. So if you want to hire out your sofa, etc – have a look.

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