What will be the impact of the job crunch on future concepts of work?

by Barrie Hopson on September 6, 2012 · 0 comments

in Future of work

In my early career as a psychologist I was trained in psychometrics which means that I have a sad tendency to enjoy statistics. Well – it keeps me off the streets and from playing sad computer games. I was struck therefore by an announcement from the Higher Education Statistics Agency that more than one-fifth of recent graduates are working part-time. Only six in ten (63 per cent) of degree students who graduated in 2010/11 reported that they were in employment six months after graduation. People Management reports that of the 224,000 graduates surveyed, a further 8 per cent were both working and studying, 16 per cent were solely in further study and 9 per cent were unemployed.

One wonders what the impact of this will be when these people think about their future careers. We know that more and more young people are attracted to self employment – and not just because they cannot get full time jobs. Some will find that they might actually quite like the work life blend that accompanies part time work. Some will get aspire to more than one part time job. Result – more of them will find portfolio careers attractive especially as they realise that not all their work eggs are in one vulnerable basket.

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